JP 414 Pro Built Waterstop Splicing Iron

Designed for the waterstop pro! Our Pro Series irons feature all the same attributes as our regular irons plus built-in thermometer, temperature control knob, outdoor-use power cord (UL and CSA approved), ergonomic vinyl grip, sealed elements, and a Silverstone coating that doesn't require covers.
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JPS Pro Built Waterstop Iron

JPS Waterstop Splicing Irons

Our standard Waterstop Splicing Irons are designed specifically for welding thermoplastic waterstops. The combined features found on JPS irons are unique. All irons have a heavy-duty, outdoor-use power cord (UL and CSA approved).
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  2. waterstop splicing iron safety manual and users guide
  3. thermoplastic waterstop jobsite welding guide

ST-10® In Line Waterstop Splicing Table

The ST-10 In Line Waterstop Splicing Table is the perfect solution for producing high tensile strength, leakproof welds on all Earth Shield Thermoplastic Waterstops. The ST-10 will provide the best results as a mechanical means to make unsurpassed welds when joining rolls or Shop Made Fittings to rolls. From the very first time you use it in the field and from job to job, you will be impressed how much the ST-10 In Line Waterstop Splicing Table increases your production and your savings.
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ST-10 Waterstop Welding Tool

Stainless Steel Waterstop Welding Jig

Our stainless steel waterstop welding jig is designed to perfectly align the straight legs of Earth Shield Stainless Steel Waterstop securing the two lengths, and making for significantly easier field welding.

JPS Hog Rings and Pliers

Don't be confused by the weak agricultural steel rings; JP Hog Rings are copper-clad, hill-shaped rings made especially for waterstop installation. The high-strength steel prevents pullout due to stress and the #3 size fits all Earth Shield TPE-Rubber Waterstop profiles with equal ease. Our Hog Ring Pliers are durable, lightweight tools which have a unique torsion spring for ease of use and set screw to ensure a perfect hog ring closure every time.


Factory Installed Brass Eyelets

All ribbed Earth Shield Waterstop profiles are available with factory installed brass eyelets. The eyelets provide for a convenient and durable tie-off point for wire tying the waterstop to the steel reinforcement prior to the concrete pour. JP Specialties installs the brass eyelets at 12" centers, between the last two ribs, to provide maximum resistance and rigidity to the poured concrete weight. Note to specifier: To add factory installed brass eyelets to your Earth Shield specification, simply precede the specified part number with "EY." Example: If you are specifying JP636 and want the optional eyelets, call out part number EYJP636.

ElectroTest Spark Testor

The ElectroTest is a high frequency generator which is used for the detection of pinholes in factory and field welds. The instrument produces a high frequency spark, which can be traced along the seam of the waterstop weld and will produce a definite change in both appearance and sound when a defect is detected.
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VEN 500 and VEN 1000 Novolac Epoxies

Earth Shield VEN 1000 and VEN 500 are trowel grade epoxy gels designed to adhere Earth Shield Retrofit Waterstop (part no. JP 320L, JP 336L, JP 325T, JP 450T, et al) to existing concrete surfaces, as well as a variety of maintenance and bonding applications requiring extreme chemical resistance.
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Waterstop Protector

JP Specialties' Waterstop Protector is used to protect embedded waterstop for extended periods of time. Fits 4", 6" and 9" waterstop profiles. Constructed with heavy-duty, 20 gauge, electrogalvanized steel. Other grades, gauges, and metals are available.
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CH2M Hill Specification Waterstop Protector

The CH2M Hill Waterstop Protector is manufactured with 12 gauge, grade 304 stainless steel, prepunched 12 inches on center for a 3/8" anchor per CH2M Hill specifications. Used to protect embedded waterstop for extended periods of time.
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Plastic Expansion Board

Earth Shield expansion board cap waterstop is installed on top of conventional expansion board filler or Earth Shield’s own chemical resistant, plastic expansion board. The expansion board acts as the form; therefore, no form splitting is necessary. This greatly accelerates the project schedule and provides a long lasting, attractive finished concrete joint.
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